Importance of Workplace Wellbeing

Exercise and Workplace Performance: MIND

Did you know that exercise can boost workplace performance? Read the full article from MIND here:

Why bother with a corporate wellness programme?

Wellness is suddenly everywhere in the business world. Health professionals warn about it, employers talk about it and workers worry about it. The subject’s sudden topicality is not without good cause. The costs to business of ill-health and stress, especially in terms of absenteeism and low productivity, are huge. Recent research in the international retail sector, for example, calculates that one in every 10 hours of working time are lost to unplanned time off. Read the full article here:

Mental health seen as employer’s responsibility by 97% of staff:

Around half (51%) of respondents are aware that their organisation has a mental health policy, but 97% believe their employer has a responsibility to support the mental health and wellbeing of staff, according to research by professional recruitment consultancy Robert Walters. Read the full article here:

Four-fifths believe that the workplace impacts employee mental health

Four-fifths (81%) of office workers in Europe believe that a well-functioning and attractive workplace has a direct impact on their mental health, and 77% state that a good working environment helps them achieve their goals. Read the full article here:

Exercise may make you a better worker:

McKenna says his findings should give companies an additional incentive to offer workplace exercise programs, which may also help cut down on sick days and reduce health-care costs. "It certainly improves employee morale and decreases the turnaround”. But smaller companies often can't afford or don't have room to have on-site exercise classes or facilities. Read the full article here: