Why do we exercise?

Why do I actually need to exercise and how can it be more fun?

Whether it’s joining a football club, netball team, doing street-dance, doing swimming lessons, doing one of our 7 Minute Mornings workouts or just running around the park or the playground, there are more benefits to exercise than you might realise.

  • It helps make our bodies physically fitter, stronger and healthier – it can even help us avoid getting ill now and in the future.
  • But did you know exercise can also increase our overall happiness, improve our mood and make us feel more relaxed? It is basically like a 'happy pill' for your body and brain!
  • Physical activity releases chemicals in our brains and bodies which help us deal with stress and reduce anxious feelings and help with our mental health.
  • It can even boost our brain power and help our ability to concentrate on things like school work, on our learning and homework!

So - how do I do it?

As with most things in life, everybody’s different – but luckily there are loads of ways to get healthy!!! (phew!)

Some people are very ‘sporty’ and love to train doing one activity like football or gymnastics; and others love the thrill of competing and winning. There are sports clubs, teams and competitions available in and out of school – and they can be a great way to try something new. You might even train because you want to become a sportsperson!

What happens if you don’t get enough exercise?

Not getting enough exercise can have a negative impact on our minds and bodies.

If your lifestyle isn’t very active, some effects you might notice are –

  • Low energy levels and feeling tired
  • Having low self-esteem (feeling bad about yourself)
  • Feeling left out or isolated from friends if they do sport
  • You could get ill more
  • You might end up seeing some physical changes too such as putting on weight

The little things you could do to exercise FOR FREE…

But if that’s not for you, there are lots of other ways to get active that you might prefer. Walking the dog, dancing to your favourite music, playing outside or even doing the housework (OK, that’s not always the most fun one!) all help get your body moving. Quite often you can be doing exercise without even realising it!

We should all try to regularly do some kind of exercise which gets our heart-rate up – but getting into the habit of doing ‘little things’ is important too. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, riding your bike to school instead of going by car, having a walk at lunchtime – it all makes a positive difference.

How about using one of our 7 minute mornings boxing, dance or traditional 7 minute workouts to help you! There are some below:



The main thing is that you pick some exercise that you will find fun and something you enjoy – with the added benefits that it’s really good for your physical and mental health! Remember to give yourself praise for the things you have done. Getting active and fitter isn’t just about winning trophies or coming first in a race– you can set your own mini goals and be proud of your achievements, big or small!

Good Luck!

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