This one thing has GOT to go...

Are you worried about isolation weight gain and poor mental health? We hate to break it to you but the booze might not be helping and here’s all you need to know.

A third of British people have put on weight since restrictions were enforced to slow the spread of coronavirus, with an average gain of 6lbs. Perhaps during lockdown weight gain is inevitable, and not necessarily the end of the world. After all, we can always get back to the gym and start to lose it again once life goes back to normal (or the ‘new normal’). But if you want to lose weight or at least not put on too much extra weight – there is one thing you can do that is almost certain to help.

There is one item in a lot of people's diets that could be easily cut or at the very least reduced and would result in losing weight faster. You guessed it: alcohol and sugary drinks. I’m not here to give you a lecture about why alcohol is bad for your health; we all know this. However, I’m just pointing out the effects that alcohol and other high calorie drinks will have on your diet and your weight loss – well on your weight gain!

Two-thirds of us have been more indulgent with food since the lockdown came into effect, while 43% have consumed more alcohol.  It’s not news that cutting back on calories of any sort will help you in your weight loss battle, but liquid calories are often easier to avoid and cut out all together and often have a surprising amount of calories that many of us don’t even consider when adding up our daily intake.

Even if you take the so called ‘lower calorie drinks’, like vodka and diet coke. Although diet coke can be considered free of calories (still pretty bad in every way let’s face it) a double shot (50 ml) of vodka has over 100 calories. You would have to run 10 minutes solidly to burn off those calories! A bottle (750 ml) of Cabernet Sauvignon is just under 600 calories, meaning that two medium glasses contain around 250-300 calories. That’s a lot of running!

Anyway, I’m not going to list all different drinks and their associated calories! But, before you pour yourself another drink during lockdown, ask yourself: do I really want another drink? Am I just bored? Is there another task I'm putting off by drinking? Do I perhaps just need some water instead? Research shows that drinking water can help us to burn more calories while resting so is a far better option to avoid weight gain.

To try to keep your weight gain during lockdown to an absolute minimum make this one simple change and stop the booze and added liquid calories. Even without exercise and extreme healthy eating this one simple change can have a big impact on your weight gain. It’s just ONE CHANGE…

For more support on eating healthily and getting into exercise during lock down you can sign up for free to our 7 Minute Mornings exercise and diet programmes at Here you’ll get workouts, recipes and support to lose weight from home with just 7 minutes of exercise a day.


Take Care,

7 Minute Mornings

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