The Key to Changing Unhealthy Habits


Staying healthy doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the product of healthy habits practiced everyday. For example, you have many time-efficient habits built into your brain like getting dressed, brushing your teeth, typing with those fingers, which finger you use to pick your nose… hah, just checking you’re listening, we know you would never do such a thing! The key to these being part of your habitual behaviour is that you don’t even have to think about doing these things or motivating yourself to do them as they are habits built and formed over a lifetime. The good news is that we can train ourselves to adopt healthy habits and even stop unhealthy ones … with a few simple steps and repetition of behaviours.

Think about this, imagine not getting dressed or brushing your teeth before leaving the house. Man, that wouldn’t be a good start to the day or good for your family or colleagues!!  So, why then would you leave the house without doing your workout? A workout that’s going to make you more focused, energised, fit, strong, slim, toned and something that gives your day the best possible start and makes you a better version of yourself.  

Repetition to form a habit

But, what if daily exercise was part of that subconscious routine, working on effortless autopilot? This is what we’re here to help you with and show you how to start building this habit so again this is just a part of your normal daily routine. The key to building a habit is repetition. You see, your hippocampus is paying attention to you all the time and the fact that you are repeating a pattern of behaviour every day will create the habit. Every day you commit to this new task, such as exercise, it becomes easier, bit by bit the habit starts to become fixed in your brain and life, like brushing your teeth.

So, to put it simply, a healthy habit needs to be practiced everyday for it to be subconsciously part of your routine and healthy lifestyle. This could mean opting for an apple instead of crisps with your lunch, limiting your TV time, taking the stairs instead of the lift or setting new health goals each month … or YES … morning exercise each day.  Healthy living is a choice, and it’s much easier that you think. But how can we begin to change these unhealthy habits and change them?

Energy and Desire

Let’s face it though. Change is tough. It’s no wonder people will often struggle to make positive changes to form habits as it requires two very important skills:

  • Energy
  • Desire

DESIRE: So, having the energy to change is great, but without the desire and motivation to really want to make that happen and to know the direction that you’re going in, it can be hard to really get there. You need to be really clear about ‘why’ you want to change as this builds up the desire and motivation. So, for example, I want to lose 10lbs in the next 2 months so I’m more confident for my sisters wedding. This is a clear goal and one that you can track and build the energy needed to hopefully reach.

If you want to change health habits, goal-setting is essential and as the saying goes, "Most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan."

ENERGY: You then need to make the lifestyle changes needed to realise the goal and be consistent with these actions. Remember, we’re trying to build habits here and therefore small daily actions which are repeated are what’s needed. One of the more common mistakes is to try to change too much, too soon. Keep it simple with small steps that are manageable, realistic and maintainable long term. The changes that you want to make and the actions needed bust be realistic to fit into your daily routine and lifestyle or you will find it extremely difficult to keep going long term.

7 Minute Mornings – Daily Habit Building Exercise

We’ve created a FREE program for people who have always struggled with either the motivation and desire to exercise or the time and energy to fit it in. Whether you’re a busy parent, in a demanding job, too many exams or simply just don’t like the gym environment, our program removes the hassle and helps you fit fitness and healthy eating back into your life with just 7 minutes of exercise each morning.

It’s a unique exercise system centred around the science of helping you develop exercise as an every day habit. We provide every tool at our disposal to help you push your health, fitness and mind to the next level. From motivational morning messages to get you up and out of bed, to food prep videos and step-by-step tutorials, we will support you to create a healthier lifestyle long term. After all, what’s 7 minutes? One less snooze!

Try it for Free HERE.

Watch below to see how our approach builds exercise as a habit:

Watch below to see how this approach has helped many people:


Good Luck with your habit changes ... consistency is key!

Mikala O’Connor – Project Manager at 7 Minute Mornings

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