Mason challenged to a fitness test during lockdown by Olympian Ogogo

The England midfielder met up with Anthony before lockdown to promote a new workout from the boxer and 7 Minute Mornings which is available online – perfect for keeping fit in lockdown. The science-backed home fitness plan builds mental resilience and provides the same results as a 50-minute gym routine but in JUST 7 minutes. 7 Minute KOFIT helps you get fitter and leaner, but more importantly the workouts improve your mood & aims to give you the determination to get through these tougher times.

Ryan was put through his paces with lift ups, jumping jacks and press ups complete with football passes…. But could he beat a former Olympian and show that footballers are as hard as nails after all?

Watch a clip here:

Check out the full Sports Feed article HERE

Watch the full video on @7minutemornings Instagram.

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