Olympian Helping Nation To Stay Fit During Isolation

How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

Refreshed, alert, and ready to take on the day with bundles of energy and a positive mindset? Or maybe you were demotivated, stressed and feeling like you're gaining weight faster than a baby elephant?!

It’s too easy to wake up and not shower, to barely eat whatever breakfast you managed to grab from the empty supermarket shelves, drink a cold coffee and wear your Jim Jams while working from home!

When we are home we get into comfort but right now many people aren’t comfortable; their activity is less so they’re gaining weight and they are concerned about their future and the future of their careers. In fact, many people are stuck without movement and combined with looking at the same four walls could lead to serious mental health problems.

It feels almost like everyday is the Christmas period of sitting around too much and snacking on things you wouldn’t normally eat 364 other days of the year at the moment...

Movement and mindset

When people feel stuck they may end up feeling alone and depressed and this is understandable. But, what they may not have recognised is that serotonin (the mood hormone) responds amazingly well to exercise. Not just does it help to release it, it also helps to produce serotonin levels after exercise too. The link here is that many people suffering with low mood may very well have low serotonin levels to accompany it. That’s why we must get active again. 

"As an Olympian I understand the importance of exercise and how it can lift our mods in times of distress. That’s why I created a programme that’s releases high amounts of serotonin, dopamine and other happy hormones and neurotransmitters. Having gone through depression and using fitness to get me out of it was paramount to my success and it will be true for millions outs there today struggling with isolation". - Anthony Ogogo

Improve your confidence

Whether we like it or not, when we are home wearing loose clothing and not moving we are going to face a downward spiral of weight gain and this is likely to have an impact on our self esteem. 

"My programme can see people through this period and come out the other end better than ever before – kind of like going in as a caterpillar and coming out a butterfly! You see, I see this isolation as an opportunity for people to work on their health and fitness in a big way. This programme saw participants lose over a stone with a basic but tasty healthy living programme and a daily 7 minute HIIT and body weight workout for all levels of fitness that progresses as you get fitter. I know that people can use this time to transform their minds by releasing happy hormones and by moving their bodies to burn fat and boost energy levels". - Anthony Ogogo

We need to be determined

I have a favourite quote from Winston Churchill: ‘if you’re going through hell, keep on going’, and throughout every workout, whether that’s a live on Instagram (@anthonyogogo & @7minutemornings) or Facebook (@7minutemornings) or using my on demand workouts in 7 minute KOFIT,  I don’t just rely on the benefits of happy hormone release from my hiit90% formula, I continually motivate people to build more determination, and not just into their workouts but into their minds and thus life.

Keep on moving Britain!

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