Morning Hydrator - Start your day with this!

Serves: 1

Preparation time: 5 Minutes

Cooking time: None!

Difficulty: Easy Peasy!


You've spent the night dehydrating - your body is dryer than the desert. This Recipe is not just the best solution for  hydration, it's great for cleansing too. Drink the water to start your day the right way. During the night we become very dehydrated and these ingredients will cleanse your liver and balance your electrolytes for effective hydration.

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1.) Pint warm water

2.) Pinch of pink sea salt

3.) 1/2 lemon

4.) 1/2 lime


When you wake up fill a pint glass with 2/3 cold filtered or spring water and 1/3 hot boiled water (from the kettle works well).

Cut a lemon and lime in half and squeeze the juice into the mix.

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