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Beginner - Intermediate: A 90 day at home personal trainer experience with guided HIIT and Bodyweight routines. Click 'play' to try the fitness test, workouts and get the nutrition guide.

12 weeks - 7 Minute HIIT & Bodyweight

All Levels: Stomach flattening 6 week programme to build core strength and balance and improve gut health. Click 'play' to try the core strength test, workouts and get the gut health nutrition guide.

6 weeks - 7 Minute Core Workouts

Intense - The idea of this programme is to push your whole body harder by doing 3 of our popular 7 minute workouts each day for 6 weeks. That's still just 21 minutes a day and each week the level and intensity get's that little bit harder so you make big improvements over the 6 weeks. You'll be getting a full body workout; the cardio workouts will rapidly improve your fitness levels, the tone workouts will build your strength and muscle with bodyweight exercises and the core workouts will help to build a stronger back and help to tone your stomach. ​

6 Weeks - Full Body (21 Minutes a Day)

Live Workout Bank: Here's a selection of the most recent and popular lives from our Facebook live series and Youtube workouts. 

Live Workout Bank

Past Monthly Challenges: Here's the past challenges we have done so you can re-do or take part in your own time. Coming Soon!

Past Monthly Challenges

Well being and lifestyle podcasts and advice for all-round better health, mind and happiness. From better sleep, setting goals, lifting your mood or improving your gut health... there's tips for everyone.

9 Podcasts/Articles

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Premium Programmes:

Beginner - Intermediate: Start your day in a positive way 10 fun dance HIIT & cardio workouts to get you toned and shredding fat in no time! Click 'play' for the Cardio HIIT and bodyweight dance workouts, fitness test and the superfoods diet guide.

18 Weeks - Dance Cardio

Intermediate - Advanced: Build determination with Olympic Boxer Anthony Ogogo's boxing HIIT 90 day programme. Click 'play' for the Cardio HIIT and bodyweight boxing workouts, fitness test and the diet guide.

90 Days - Boxing Whole Body

The Community!

Become part of our online community by joining our private Facebook Challenge group. With support from the team at 7 Minute Mornings and a wide range of friendly and encouraging users you can get moral support, advice and accountability from people just like you. With 7 Minute Mornings you're never alone - we're all in this together! 

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