Meet 7 Minute Mornings Co-Founder Anthony Delamare

My Name is Anthony Delamare...

I'm a level 3 personal trainer and online health and fitness coach as well as co-founder of 7 Minute Mornings. See more about my day job here.

But getting here didn’t come easy for me. I wasn’t the fit, slim kid growing up; quite the opposite in fact! I wasn’t naturally sporty with a tan and a six pack and I didn’t get into to fitness from having a natural physical gift. In fact I was named banana foot at school for my football skills, or lack thereof!

This is me (2nd from the right) age 19!

I was the kid that conveniently didn’t have his gym kit for a whole year to save the embarrassment of the changing rooms and exposing my ‘jelly belly’ as they called it. I come from a place where I know what it’s like to struggle with food (I struggled my way through many portions each day), struggle with body fat (just hoping that 40 sit ups would get me slim and lean just wasn’t helping) and to struggle with health (suffering with serious chest infections for 10 months of the year).

I started my career as a personal trainer and health coach in a very non-conventional way, it kind of happened through constant hurdles and problems I faced with my own body. From a young weight lifter suffering with slipped discs at just 18 years old, the doctor telling me I if I didn’t improve my nutrition I would likely suffer with type 2 diabetes, to ripping a muscle in my chest from doing poor technique on a bench press, I had to learn how to train properly or I was going to continue to suffer serious injuries.

I did manage to get fit, lean and strong only to end up losing it again with 34lb weight gain after having kids (and I didn’t even carry them!). I went back to low energy and constant ill health. It's been a very long journey and probably one that's very familiar for many of you.

But I didn’t give up, I found a way to turn my experiences and my knowledge to my advantage.

Now, before I tell you how I changed myself and have subsequently spent 20 years helping and coaching people to better bodies, I want to tell you something I learnt regarding 'health'. You see, there is an ‘exact formula’ for you to become your very best; for you to become your healthiest, your happiest, your strongest, your leanest, and for you to own your health and fitness. My goal is simple; to help you code this formula into your life so you can get the most out of every day and even every moment in your life.

Yes, today I live a healthy life, but I struggled the same as anyone and I needed help to figure out what to do. When I lost motivation, got injuries from the wrong workouts, when I wasn’t losing weight or when I was getting ill and fat due to the wrong diet, I would sort the most experienced people I could find; the people at the top of the mountain in their fields who knew how to overcome each and every problem I faced.  I made these people my mentors; I studied with them and got personally coached by them. This didn’t just help me understand the issue and overcome my personal struggles with my body, it helped me see that many people were making the same mistakes as I was.

Listen, I spent thousands of hours and over 23 years learning about the body. I used to get sucked in to the constant never ending trends of mixed messages like many of us; eat this, do that, stretch here, train then, fast daily, don’t fast, you only need bananas to live, bananas make you fat, no green bananas are good but yellow ones make you fat… and so on…. ugh, it’s bloody exhausting isn’t it! For everything you could possibly learn there will be someone else debunking it! I was like a dog in a park pricking up his ears every time he hears a squirrel. I was following every trend that offered the next big solution, but it was making me worse physically. It was leading me away from what I really needed to do, which was to focus on my own body and what I need to do to change my fitness for good in a way that worked for my lifestyle. I had to look at me first and I needed help from the people that knew to get there. 

After helping clients for 10 years I realised that the thing people struggled with most was time and motivation/habit. You see, people are getting busier and busier and were struggling to find time for the gym and long workouts. This is when I came up with the 7 Minute Mornings concept. It's time saving fitness that helps people form a habit so that they don't need to rely on motivation to keep going.

What about MY training? 

Well, I do a collection of corrective exercises to address weaknesses, stiffness and prior injuries (like the slipped disc I suffered at 18 from doing deadlifts horribly wrong). I do this before all activities to help prepare my body and avoid injury. My body is better suited to weight lifting and short bursts of explosive exercise and responds well to training around 3-4pm at least 3 - 4 days per week. I work on the other area’s like cardio fitness too, but this type of training delivers the best results for me. I use the 7 Minute Mornings workouts when I'm rushed for time as these are a great way to fit fitness into my busy schedule.

Training for you might be totally different. But, it’s not as simple as push hard, no, it’s just not: if you have imbalances you may occur many injuries (trust me, I have helped people nurse thousands of them from poor training). What if you have conditions, or serious injuries, postural imbalances, or what if your body is best suited to lifting than it is running or visa versa?

When I first started as a fitness instructor, I was only concerned about what people wanted. A six-pack or weight loss for their holidays was a common theme. My job was to make people happy and although I always felt that something was fundamentally wrong with the approach, it seemed to help with my clients motivation in the short term (when the goal is short, like a holiday in two weeks people find it easier to motivate to a short timeline). The issue is that this approach to training, whereby you are working towards a short term goal often leads people to lose whatever they’ve gained in muscle tone, weight loss and energy after the goal has been achieved - a little like losing weight for a holiday and stuffing your face when you’re there and gaining it all back again, rendering all that hard work redundant. We've all been there! By all means you can aim for a six-pack or certain body style;but  we just need a manageable and long term approach that works for you and your health.

The goal is to make your life better, not just your body, but your life. For you to feel like you eat and move well every day and don’t feel like you are depriving yourself, or punishing yourself. You are enjoying the hell out of life and your body looks great, you can be confident with your top off on the beach, your energy is constant and high, your body is strong and healthy and your fitness is great! 

Hopefully, 7 Minute Mornings (which you can sign up to for free here) will help many of you find a way to fit exercise and a healthy lifestyle into your life. And remember, if you need even more 1:1 support, feel free to get in touch here.