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Anthony ogogo

Since he was 12 years old he was training, eating and sleeping boxing. He trained everyday to become the one of the best boxers that lived. As a junior, he was in over 300 amateur fights and only received a handful of losses. He went on to become 10 times British Champion, Junior Olympic Champion and Junior World Champion.


All was going in the right way for Anthony. He would train hard, study boxing, practice and eat well and he never missed a training session at the gym. He made it to the 2012 Olympics and was as focused as ever. But at this time his mum suffered from a sudden brain aneurysm and was in a coma for the entire duration of the Olympics and had to had numerous life saving operations on her brain.  It was the first time that something more important than boxing had happened in his life, this meant that for the first time he wasn’t eating or training right and he wasn’t even sleeping. Not just that, he was in the worst mental and physical condition due to his worries about his mum and whether she was going to make it.

But, by sheer determination and focus, well, watch the video to see what happened…


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"He's done it Ogogo, he's beat the world number one! OH my lord what an upset... That has to be one of the best performances by any British boxer, in any amateur boxing ring around the world in any century." - jim neilly (sports commentator)

After his win against the Ukrainian, Ogogo went on to valiantly win a well deserved bronze medal in the Olympics 2012. He then turned pro shortly after and was on a clear winning streak after beating 11 opponents in a row.

That all changed when he was just two fights away from a title shot with the world champion. All he had to do was make it through two more opponents and he was finally going to become World Champion... a childhood dream.

But, then his world came crashing down in the second round of his 12th fight…

We'll let Anthony tell you what happened… (watch the video)


Back in 2006 Martin Gibala added to Tibata’s high intensity interval training by testing people at maximum heart rate (above 90%) verses a moderate heart rate (65%) and found that if you adjust the effort you can massively reduce the time spent. In his studies it was proven that:

“approximately ten minutes of hard exercise a week boosted overall fitness to the same extent as four and a half hours per week of traditional endurance training. It’s mind-blowing.”

You see, HIIT exercise isn’t just one of those gimmicks; if you are willing to work harder, not for long, just for a few minutes you can get huge results in fitness and even body transformation.

When designing The 7 Minute KOFIT Workouts we combined 2 factors to ensure you get fast results. Firstly, we designed it to work you out at 90% of your maximum heart rate or above like the experiment of Gibala did, this is the sweet spot that shocks the bodies homeostasis (natural internal rhythm) into overdrive and creates faster fitness results. The second is the compound effect. Every day you are pushing just a tiny bit harder than the day before and as a result the body gets tiny results each day that stack up to huge results over the weeks and months. You see, real results are gradual and consistent.

Using the science of HIIT and Habit forming we have created routines to ensure maximum results. All programmes and nutrition are tested and improved. Workouts are designed by fitness experts and Olympians to ensure you get the very best results.


We wanted to see what would happen to people when they commit to 6 weeks of KOFIT exercise and a healthy eating plan. We found people that struggle with exercise, some that didn’t have the time, and others that didn’t have the motivation or energy. We tested their fitness levels at the start and then tracked and measured their body composition.

After just 6 weeks, we saw 3 main changes to each person:


Firstly, average weight loss was around 13lb for the men and around 8lb for the women. We expected some weight changes, but we saw even better changes in body fat reduction when we measured the subcutaneous fat (fat between the skin and muscles). The results were more than the maths. You shouldn’t be able to lose that much from this amount of exercise and nutritious diet.

‘Its crazy, I lost nearly 2 stone in just 6 weeks and feel better than I ever have, but what’s mad is it’s just 7 minutes of exercise and tasty food’  - Jon



Each person, even those who suffered with depression said they felt happier and more productive every day, it seemed that waking up to KOFIT set off a chain of hormones that improved their mood and even cognitive ability.

‘I was able to focus at work 200% better when I did the morning exercise, it was just incredible’  - Ciaran



People were massively fitter: 70% of them moved from beginner to advanced workouts within just 6 weeks and everyone got to or past intermediate fitness levels. The advanced workouts have been tested on athlete’s and even they struggled so this is a serious level of fitness.

‘I just feel so much fitter and have much more energy’ - Brittany


Listen and see what they said about the programme...

See what happened to real people, getting real results…


To best explain how Brittany changed we thought we would show you a video that we recorded when Brittany and her dad were just talking about her. They didn’t realise the cameras were rolling at this point.

‘She is a new woman’ said her Dad

Brittany was one of our favourites as she really changed her personality by the end, yes she lost inches on her waist and boosted her confidence as a result, but it was more than that. Exercise was helping her to come out of her shell. See what she says about it:

‘I just feel so much better in myself’ - Brittany

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Shady (David) was a keen footballer and was struggling on the pitch and with energy levels during the day. He would get home from work and sleep on the couch pretty much everyday. He didn’t expect that 7 minutes a day could change much for him…  this is what he said about it:

‘When I get home I have so much more energy, sometimes I need to go for a run just to burn the extra energy I lost’

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Before the programme things weren’t going right for Roz. Her business wasn’t launching properly, she was gaining weight, had low energy and even lower mood.  After the programme she says her life took a 180… check out what she says:

‘Everything started going better because I had more energy and confidence'

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We have all been there; we hear about this diet that helped this friend, family, colleague or celeb lose 6 stone in a matter of weeks and we are hooked.

‘Yes, Finally, an answer to my prayers; a cabbage soup diet to cleanse my soul and purify my body…’ Only to find that you don’t smell great and get sick at the sight of cabbage after a week!

But, wait your neighbour Susan has just the answer, living purely on water… and on goes the story…

Now, although there are some people in the world that have such dedication to internal thinness, we really wouldn’t suggest that this is for you. Let’s be honest, eating out is nice, hosting is nice and eating popcorn at the cinema is nice. So living a life that doesn’t allow or is too limiting to the enjoyment of your life is never really going to last. Is it!?

The Truth is that Diets:

- Are Limited in flavour
- Are Limited in options
- Don’t often allow for a social life
- Starve you until you feel lower on energy than before
- Can disrupt your thyroid function


It’s no wonder they don’t last for 95% of us.

Anthony doesn’t eat like that. He eats what food that he enjoys and after having to train and control his weight for all of his teens and most of his adult life he (along with nutritionist to the stars Aiden Goggins) he's devised a neat system of healthy eating for optimal weight control and energy.

And unlike other programmes that say ‘when you buy this programme we will tell you all about it…’ We believe that you should know more about the programme so you can make an informed decision instead of an emotional one…


“It’s all about the flavour, herbs, spices, sweet fruits and crunchy ripe veg. We all like some healthy foods, but the key is to add the right flavours to boost even the most tasteless meals".
- Anthony Ogogo

So, we put our heads together and thought healthy eating is too complicated, too tasteless and too long winded, plus it doesn’t always allow for personal preferences. But we can’t provide a diet that isn’t nourishing people either. So, here’s what we did. We created 3 different areas to our nutritional approach to combat the taste, health, results issues that look like this:

We made everyday recipes that are easy to make – we all know that cooking a healthy Thai green curry is nice but it often leaves too much washing up and needs too many ingredients. We created tasty recipes that use only a few essential ingredients that are very quick to prepare.

We created a 'pick and mix' – you might not like all fruit but love bananas, perhaps you don’t eat animal protein but love tofu. We create a pick a mix list of all macro nutrients so you can literally pick and combine your favourite foods to make your meals – sounds weird but it works and it will have you eating the most nutritious foods that you actually personally love.

We made some sauces – we put together a collection of everyone’s favourite flavours, like healthy peri peri or homemade pesto. You literally make it and store it in a jar in the fridge (or make in bulk and store it in the freezer) and add a dollop on top. It adds to the nutrients and improves the flavour of literally every meal you eat, well we wouldn’t recommend peri peri for porridge though! 😂

Here’s a Peri Peri Sauce recipe to try for yourself... you be the judge.

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Sure, but what’s going to help my motivation when my focus starts to wane?


Firstly, many people rely on motivation to exercise but this is a big mistake. You see motivation is impermanent, so it starts strong but always runs out leading to failure to maintain fitness and healthy diets for most people. 

Think about it - how motivation feel inside... it’s like an energy boost that makes you want to run faster, push harder and keep going. But, any person who regularly exercises will tell you, some days are better than others, some days you are ready to take on the world and on others you can’t even leave your bed without an internal struggle!

You see, motivation at the start is good, we need it, and we have done 3 things to get you motivated so you can start right:


  1. Anthony Ogogo motivates you during each workout, talking to you at key times and encouraging you to keep pushing when you’re struggling. His aim is to constantly embed determination into your mind and body.
  2. We send you morning messages to get you motivated to do your workout. Listen, we know waking up and exercising is a shock for many of us, we aren’t saying it’s going to be easy, we are saying it’s going to be worth it. The morning messages will encourage you to wake up and get started even when you don’t feel like it.
  3. We will trick your body into forming exercise into becoming hormonally programmed, meaning your body will start to wake up and expect or even crave exercise like it craves caffeine. It becomes a habit...

The importance of habits

Habit does exactly the opposite. The more you do it the more exercise becomes part of your life. It’s only when you view exercise as a permanent part of your lifestyle that you will ever be able to get a fit lean and healthy body and keep it long term. Our habit-forming approach helps you to keep going and have better fitness and health as a way of life. The motivational morning messages help you to get up and working out at the start and the end of workout subliminal messages help you to form the habit and keep going. By completing the workout at set times each morning, with a set routine and with a reward after it (the happy hormone release) it builds the habit at a rapid speed in your brain so you can be fit as a way of life.

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The way many people exercise is to wait until they are really out of shape or unfit, to the point whereby they can't take it any more and fight back against the:

✔Low energy levels

✔Tight clothes

✔Fitness embarrassment (like getting out of breath when walking up the stairs)

✔Until a big important event is close (holiday or wedding for example)

✔Or until they get divorced…

This approach leads to a common situation which we call the ‘the 11th hour fitness freak’. It’s when said person takes on a crash diet, hits the gym so hard they can’t sit down for days and pushes and pushes the body almost beyond repair. Studies show that this over training and under nourishing approach is a big reason people fail when it comes to long term fitness.


So is this programme good for short term results?

If you are looking to shed 10lbs in 4 days (before your wedding) then this programme is absolutely not ideal for you.  Mostly because it won’t get you there I’m afraid. Secondly, we have a built a programme to do the following:

  1. Build exercise as a progressive system so you keep getting fitter and fitter and see continued and sensible results
  2. To prevent you from walking around like Elvis dancing (Achy legs) or being so sore you have to take pain killers… we’ve all been there
  3. To help you find the time to fit exercise in your day
  4. To build exercise as a positive habit that helps you be a better, slimmer and healthier person everyday… not just for your summer holiday (well, not only at least.)

And although we have seen the average weight loss being 13lb over 6 weeks with our case studies, we aren’t promoting a short term mind-set, we want this to be the start of a life-long habit.


What we are proposing is that exercising every morning (or day if mornings aren’t possible) will have a huge compound effect on your health, fitness and mind. You'll even become programmed so that you wake up and want to exercise. That being said, we are aware you have heard it all a million times before and think ‘this time will be the last time’. So, let’s make a deal…

If you try this programme for a month and don’t find that it is the right fit for you, let us know and you will get your money back. And if you wouldn’t mind letting us know in a sentence or two why it didn’t work that would be awesome. So, try, risk free with a full money back guarantee.

What Montana Brown and Jeremy Vine say about the KOFIT programme…

So, here it is. This is what you get:


    Get full access to the 90 day Progressive KOFIT Workout programme


    Stream HD videos on TV, laptop or mobile or use our audio downloads to workout offline.


    Workouts for all levels plus a a fitness test to determine the best place to start


    Access to motivational morning messages and our online support community


    Get access to Anthony Ogogo's 'The Olympian Diet' Guide and Recipes for optimum performance and weight loss.


    Includes a 30-day money back guarantee for peace of mind.

Here's what we're saying will improve for you:







And if you don’t get this then you have a 30 day money back guarantee to make sure it’s risk free.