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Before and after results seem to be the evidence that we are looking for. They give us hope that ‘this time’ we may just have found the solution we have been missing all these years. ‘Perhaps if I try this pill, that diet, this new exercise routine then my weight will shift and my health will reach new heights’.

Ok, so let’s address this head on. There are no miracle approaches that we know of. Perhaps they do exist or are close to existing for the extremely wealthy, whereby you can pop a pill and lose a stone of fat in one day or eat a miracle plant and develop a flat stomach or six pack.

Unfortunately, we aren’t offering that. But wait, don’t go, you haven’t heard the full story! You see with 7 minutes of high intensity interval training we saw massive transformations for real people.

Fabio’s Story

“I used to watch men get out of breath after running around for 20 minutes, but now that person's me”, said Fabio.

Fabio, was perhaps your typical 35 year old dad. With two young kids and a full time job he had let go a little. There was a time when he would run 3 times per week, play football twice and eat healthily. At 12.5 stone he was his ideal weight for his height and had no issues with his body. Things like trying on clothes and liking the way they looked were pretty normal. Fast forward 5 years and Fabio’s weight was 17 stone 10 pound. That’s 5 stone heavier. Slowly but surely by gaining a pound per month he ended up in a place where he was very unfit and uncomfortable in his body.

When we had the idea to test 7 minutes of high intensity interval training Fabio was our first case study to accept the challenge.

“I am at the point now that I just feel tired all day and by the time I get home I have no energy to spend quality time with my kids”.

Fabio was desperate for change. Here are his top 3 things that he told us he wanted:

  1. I want to feel comfortable in my body and not self-conscious with my stomach
  2. I want to have more energy to enjoy my kids and be less stressed around them
  3. I want to be able to run and play sports again without getting out of breath
Fabio - Aged 25

7 Minute MAX - Experiment

So, we put together our little experiment. We asked a team of medical doctors to assist and used a very advanced ECG monitor (EQ02 LifeMonitor from Equivital). We tested a variety of different areas of fitness and monitored body fat and interviewed them on camera to see what they hoped would change with their health and fitness to get back on track. Here is what it looked like:

Step 1: They sit for 15 minutes and relax in the waiting room.

Step 2: Our Medical team took blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Step 3: We measured body mass index and stomach circumference.

Step 4: We measured subcutaneous body fat with skin fold callipers.

Step 5: We set them up with a specialist ECG monitor for a step test. We also asked them to wear the monitors for an additional 24 hours to measure daily activity and sleep quality.  

Step 6: They performed our step fitness test for 8 minutes.

Step 7: We interviewed them to find out what was happening in their lives and what they needed or wanted to change.

Fabio at the start

Fabio’s Starting Results

  • Resting heart rate: 86 bpm (though the stress of the situation may have made it higher than normal, this is an indicator of poor cardio fitness)
  • Active heart rate: 157 bpm after 8 minute step test he performed (normally used as a calibration test)
  • Blood pressure: 90/ 145 (a touch high but passable for the case study)
  • BMI: 33.8 (with a waist circumference measurement included for health risk markers like diabetes and coronary heart disease). He was technically obese – which came as a surprise to him and us.
  • Weight: 17 stone 10 lbs
  • Tracked his activity: He only achieved 5.5k steps on his first day and that included a 7 minute HIIT workout.

7 Minute Mornings Programme

We then set him up with a diet plan of around 1800-2000 kcal. Here is an example of a daily food plan:

Breakfast: Porridge with berries and oat milk (about 60 gram oats). (Total calories around 450 calories)

Snack 1: Apple and 12 almonds (Around 165 calories)

Lunch: Chicken breast (120g) and mixed salad with ½ cup brown rice or quinoa (Around 370 calories)

Snack 2: Pear and 18 Cashew nuts (Around 240 calories)

Dinner: Turkey (120g) stir fry with large portion of mixed veg and no carbs or low carbs (Around 390 calories)

This included one cheat day on Saturday where they were allowed to eat their own choice in foods.

We set him up with a routine of daily exercise first thing in the morning:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday: HIIT routine 

Wednesday and Saturday: Bodyweight routine

On Sunday he was instructed to do both Bodyweight and HIIT programmes together.

He was instructed to move up every week to the next level until after 6 weeks he would reach level 6 bodyweight and level 5 HIIT.

Fabio committed and stuck to the programme with only one cheat per week. We then met again after the 6 week period and monitored him again with the ECG monitor and performed the same fitness assessments.

Fabio after 6 weeks

Fabio’s Post 6 weeks Results

  • Resting Heart rate: 63 bpm (down 23) – which is a great measure of cardiovascular strength
  • Active heart rate (repeat the exact same step test): 97 bpm He dropped 60 bpm which was huge.
  • Blood pressure: 85/135 (but this is unlikely to be due to exercise as it’s too soon for blood pressure effects).
  • BMI: 29 - dropped down to overweight (nearly normal) from obese, he nearly dropped two categories in just 6 weeks and lost 8 inches from his stomach alone.
  • Weight: 15 stone 7 lbs - that’s a reduction of over 2 stone or over 15kg.
  • Daily activity: steps were around 12,000 at the end. Compared with just 5k at the start.

Now, Fabio is a great example and we have seen many impressive results but his results are by far the best. On average women lost 10 lbs from the programme and men lost 14 lbs in the 6 weeks period. To be clear, we are not claiming that 7 minutes of HIIT exercise can make you lose such a high amount of weight and body fat. Although we have seen great results with weight loss. This is always in combination with a healthy eating programme.

Here is what we have found very convincing. In all cases where we have measured daily activity, this had dramatically increased at the end of the 6 weeks. More movement and more steps in general. It seems that the morning exercise was giving people more energy and as a result they were moving more and eating better and losing more weight. Each person, including those who claim to have issues with depression felt more motivated, confident and happier in their daily lives too. 

Fabio’s Experience

Having children is a shock to the system. Sleep, money and energy are washed down the drain and the only thing I gained (apart from unconditional love) was 4 extra stone in weight. So, when I saw that there was a new system using healthy and easily accessible foods with just 7 minutes every morning I thought ‘that’s perfect. 

I remember doing the measurements at the start and the doctor said my body mass index was obese and I felt shocked but then thought “well how accurate is the BMI anyway” that was until she measured my waist and then told me I am in the high risk factor. That was the moment when it really hit home for me. I have a young family and I need to be there for them. So, I decided at that moment I wasn’t going to quit. I was going to eat every healthy meal and snack and do my 7 minutes every morning no matter what it takes. And that’s what I did. It was hard, sometimes it took so much mental willpower to get out of bed. Especially when the kids had a bad night. 

 But I noticed within the first week that my energy was much better. Normally I would get home from work and feel exhausted and shout at the kids or get stressed easily. That wasn’t happening. I was coming home and had more energy and had a better mood too. 

By the second week I noticed my focus at work had shifted. I had an incomplete project that was 3 years overdue. I started plugging away at it and resolved a giant backlog in a matter of weeks and by the end of the programme I absolutely loved it. My day just didn’t feel right unless I did that workout. 

It’s 2 years on and although I can’t say I still wake up every morning and exercise. I now know that to gain control of my life with a little continued and dedicated effort amazing things can happen. If you haven’t started yet, join Anthony, Stephen and the team. They will guide you through as they are honest people that really care about making a difference to your life.”

 Fabio Manfrinato


Fabio Now (January 2021)

Do you accept the challenge?

 After conducting 3 different case studies and seeing the benefits time and again of introducing 7 minutes of high intensity exercise and bodyweight exercise into your day we’ve seen that you can:

  • Make better food choices
  • Enjoy better energy and avoid the afternoon dips
  • Improve your mood and mental clarity
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost metabolism
  • Become a better version of yourself

If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself. Here is the exact workout and diet routine that our case studies used. Including recipes and follow along workout routines. It’s totally free. All we ask is that you share your results with us.

If you accept the challenge go here to get create your account and get started. For on-going support from other users and the 7 Minute Mornings team then join our private facebook group too.

Watch more about Fabio and our other case studies and see what they said about their experiences with the programme below.






To Your Health and Happiness,

Anthony Delamare (Co-Founder - 7 Minute Mornings)

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