How 7 Minute Mornings Works

Getting Started:

1. SignING Up

To work out any where, at any time, for free, all you have to do is fill in your name and email and you'll be sent your login details to your inbox. No card details needed! You can do this HERE.

How do I get the premium workouts?

Our paid for workouts are available to unlock in the 'my workouts dashboard' if you want to do so. You can also unlock 7 Minute Beats HERE and 7 Minute KOFIT HERE

How much are the premium workouts?

The 18 week 7 Minute Beats programme costs £19.99 and the 90 day 7 Minute KOFIT programme costs £29.99. These are a one-off cost and we do not charge subscriptions. 

Not sure what programmes are best for you? Take our quiz HERE.

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Once you’ve finished signing up you will need to check your inbox for your login details (your username and password). Please check your spam or junk folder too just in case. 

You can reset this and change this at anytime in 'my account'. 

You can get logging in or resetting your password HERE.

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3.The Workouts Dashboard

Once you’ve finished signing up and you're logged in, you will land onto your dashboard (known as My Workouts), which is the home of your programmes. Here you can see the different programmes that are free and also which premium ones are available to unlock. To begin a programme click 'start'. 

You can find your dashboard HERE.

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Once inside a programme, such as 7 Minute Max, you will see the workouts under each level, plus an option to go to the introduction course and the fitness test. You'll also see the downloads button which is where you can get access to all of the nutrition and tracking guide documents and extra's.

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Nutrition & Recipes:


Being healthy is about what you eat as well as exercising. Each of our workout programmes includes a nutritionist created and chef inspired recipe and nutrition guide for you to follow in order to get the most our of the 7 Minute Mornings system. 

Where can I find the recipes?

Once logged in, click the programme that you want to begin on and download your recipes from the 'downloads' section. (see diagram above). Plus, inside the introduction course you'll see a link for the recipes and guide to be explained in more detail too.

Here, we provide prep follow along videos to support your further.

How easy are the recipes?

We know that eating healthy can be difficult and time consuming or just really tasteless and demotivating! That's why we try to make recipes that use fewer ingredients, taste good and can be easily prepared in advance to make it an easier lifestyle to maintain.

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Wellbeing and Mental Health:

 6. Your overall health

Being healthy and happy is more than just about your physical health and fitness. You need to take care of your well being and mind too. That's why we have created the 7 Minute Lifestyle free programme where we continually add new advice, videos and podcasts to help you live a happier and stress free life. From creating successful morning routines, deep breathing and improving your gut health to sleeping better and setting goals; we have a range of useful resources to help you to transform your life for overall better health.

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The 7 Minute Mornings Community:

 7. JOINING the community

We’ve created a Facebook community for our users to help keep you motivated, supported and accountable. With 7 Minute Mornings ready and available to answer your questions immediately you'll get all the support you need. By being in the group you'll also get access to bonus live workouts, tips and offers that aren't available on our regular feed too. 

Where can I find it?

The 7 Minute Mornings Community is a Facebook group which can be found HERE. We'd love to have you join us! Simply click to request to join and we'll approve your request once signed up to 7 Minute Mornings.

Suggest What You Want Next:


Within the dashboard the 'Have Your Say' section allows you to vote on and suggest new features for the free and premium platform that you would like to see added next - we always put our users first.

We’ve also got a box where you can submit your own suggestions if you think of something that we haven’t thought of.  Some of the content that we've added because of your feedback so far is making 7 Minute Core a free programme and adding the well being area. Great ideas guys!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Workouts and Online System:

Please click here to login https://www.7minutemornings.com/login/ using the details sent to you in email when you signed up and then visit 'my workouts’ to view your programmes.

Please click here to login: https://www.7minutemornings.com/login/ using the details sent to you in email when you signed up and then visit ‘'my workouts' to view your programmes. Click on the programme you wish to begin and work through the 9-step course. This includes the fitness test and everything else you need to get started.

You will have received an email with your username and password on when you first signed up. If you cannot find this, please check that it has not gone to your spam/junk folder.

You can rest your password at https://www.7minutemornings.com/login

If you still cannot do this then please contact us here.

Please go to your account: https://www.7minutemornings.com/my-account/ and then change your details on your account section.

We currently host our videos on Vimeo and the speed of the videos should be speedy! Ensure that you are connected to a high bandwidth with a stable connection, since our video content library is huge and you will require a stable connection to stream. We recommend that you connect via WiFi rather than Data where possible. 

Yes! You can use our online on demand system on any device with internet access. And remember, many of our workouts also have audio downloads so that you can workout anywhere without internet at all. We also have a taster app for free access on the app store HERE.

For best results, we recommend Google Chrome.

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari on your Mobile, Tablet or Desktop PC or Mac.

Please note that if you are using Internet Explorer, Edge is recommended since Internet Explorer is being phased out of the marketplace. 

7 Minute MORNINGS:

7 Minute Mornings provides a range of workouts at different levels with HIIT and Bodyweight routines which progress weekly for maximum results. We help to provide a suitable and personalised starting place for all levels of fitness which is determined after the fitness test. 

Due to the differences between each individual's body, the results experienced may vary. However, our programmes are expertly designed to help you start seeing real changes as fast as 6 weeks as you can see from all of our case studies in the trials.

Hang in there to get in the best shape, mood, health and fitness of your life. After all, our programmes are not focused just about weight loss. In our opinion the best thing about this program isn’t the fitness results, body transformations or the fact that you can have a whole body workout in just 7 minutes. The best thing about this program is that is helps you to become the very best version of yourself through the release of happy hormones that adjust your mood, clarity of mind and productivity, so that you can own your morning and own your day. We do however truly believe in our programmes and science and therefore we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

We love hearing reviews and following the journey of our users. Please upload it to our private Facebook group here. If you don't have access to the platform, send us your Before & After via email here.

Due to the intensity nature of our fitness program, we recommend you to get the body moving to warm up before starting each workout. Warm up stretches elongate your muscles, which increases your flexibility and range of motion to help you nail those moves and reduce the chances of muscle tears. The cool down routine is just as important, not only to bring your temperature and heart rate down, but also to help the body dispose of waste products and toxins generated during exercise. Plus, many of our programmes include techniques videos to show you the best form and technique for each exercise and we recommend that you do complete these. All of our programmes also include a fitness test at the start to help you to determine the correct intensity level for you to begin your journey on and it’s essential to complete this course to get all the tips.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is always best to consult a doctor before starting on anything new. Your safety is our utmost concern so make sure to take care of yourself! If you've had baby in the past 12 months, we recommend that you consult professional advice from a Healthcare provider and we do not recommend for women who are pregnant or 6 months post-partum to do the workouts.

It's not the absolute end of the world, though best results are achieved if the programmes are followed exactly! If you do miss a day, come back stronger and with even more determination to stick to your new exercise routine the next day!

Don't Stop Exercising and using the programme! Delayed onset muscle soreness is common after exercise, especially new exercise, and usually means your muscles are getting stronger. After participating in some kind of strenuous physical activity, particularly something new to your body, it is common to experience muscle soreness. Our workouts are just 7 minutes and switch between HIIT and bodyweight so that you are working different muscle groups and therefore this should not be a common or recurring problem. If problems do persist though we recommend you get medical support and advice.

All 7 Minute Mornings programmes include workouts for beginners right up to advanced and are based on HIIT science. Read more about HIIT here. Experts say it may be the best workout for any age. Depending on your fitness level, or any previous injuries or ongoing health conditions, you may need to modify the suggested movements using the provided modifications in the workouts with a more moderate alternative until you build up the strength and stamina to complete the moves as recommended. As always, it’s also a good idea to check in with your doctor before starting a new workout routine. We also have fitness tests to determine the best routines for you to begin with and workouts designed for seniors aged 55+.

We’ve got your back! Email or contact us to have a chat and we’ll get you back on track! Join our Facebook community here to get inspired and motivated, exchange your experiences and support each other on your journey! Plus, we have coaches and support from us in our community groups too so let us know what you need. We also provide subliminal motivational messages, weekly check-in emails and motivational morning messages with our programmes to help you to keep going.

For best results yes! We recommend you do your 7 minute workout first thing each day. It’s only 7 minutes long and therefore should be completed daily. Ideally, do this before eating breakfast as exercising on an empty stomach gives the potential to burn more fat. Exercising in the morning energises you and lifts your mood and boosts your metabolism to kickstart your day the right way. Plus, it just get’s it done and out of the way so you don’t have to think about it!

YES! Using the latest in fitness science research our workouts provide the same fitness results as the average gym-goer but in just 7 minutes a day.  You'll create an exercise habit that you can realistically maintain to develop a happier and healthier lifestyle long term. This works as we’re asking you to elevate your heart rate up to 90% and beyond using our 'max90' formula.  At this rate your body stocks its homeostasis (natural internal balance) at a higher rate and triggers the body to transform much faster. 

Yes. This is your choice. Although for best results you would combine a healthy eating plan with exercise for optimum results. All programmes come with diet and recipe guides that you can follow.

Our ‘Superfoods and Keto’ recipe guide is designed to be low in carb and therefore ideal for those on a low GI or Keto Diet. Plus, the ‘Olympian Diet’ is suitable for meat eaters or vegetarians with options for both of these too. We are currently working on creating vegan friendly recipes too. Please contact us here too if you have other ideas for nutrition plans you would like to see.

Of course you can. But you don’t have to!  With just 7 minutes of high intensity exercise all of our programmes have been scientifically tested and proven to get you the results. This does not mean that you can’t speed up your fitness or weight loss results with some extra workouts, a swim, a jog or a walk a few times a week too. For those that want to do this, we have suggested extra bonus challenges each fortnight to challenge yourself further to boost fitness, weight loss, core strength or gut health results.

On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behaviour becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact. Once you are consistent each day and you don’t have to use will power to get yourself to do it each morning you are likely to have formed an exercise habit. When it just feels so natural and automatic to get up and do your 7 minutes and you feel a little ‘strange’ or ‘unhappy’ if you don’t do it then you’ve got there. Keep it up!


We're always on the look out for bright new talent to support us and give opportunities for talented individuals to make a mark on the fitness world. Whether that's someone that's keen to get coding or social media experience, a trainer looking to create a programme, a keen fitness goer wanting to do some live workouts, a nutritionist wanting to develop new recipes or an ambassador to represent the brand and spread the work. Let us know by contacting us HERE.


We accept Paypal, Apple Pay and Debit/Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard & America Express)

You may enter the promo code at the top of the checkout page.

We hope that the above FAQ’s answer all of your questions. But, if you need more support or advice then please contact us here and we’ll be in touch.


We currently ship to the UK only.

COVID 19: Be prepared for delays: Our fulfilment times will be longer than usual, and may continue to increase until things get back to normal. The entire industry is grappling with challenges and we're seeing delays in our supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers. The average delay is around 7 days.

Speed: We print and fulfill all our products on demand once you place an order. It takes 2–7 business days to create and print our apparel products and shipping to the UK is between 2 – 5 days. This means your order will arrive within 4 – 12 days (most arrive within 5 days or less).

Pricing: We use real-time shipping rates and these are displayed during the order at checkout. 

For a more detailed breakdown of the shipping costs please see below:

How do I calculate expected shipping for multiple products?

The products that are not grouped together under a category count as different products in terms of shipping prices. For example, hoodies and all-over print leggings, tote bags and backpacks are in different categories with different pricing.

To calculate the shipping cost for an order with different products, scroll up to our shipping rates table and find both categories with your products. See which of your products has the highest shipping cost in the First product row and use that as a base. Then, to cover the second product, add that product's Additional product price. That's it!

Example 1 T-Shirt: This would cost you £3.15

Example 2 Joggers + T-shirt: The typical shipping cost for joggers is £4.70. If you were getting a t-shirt too, you would add the additional cost of £0.85 on. So, shipping would be around £5.55.

Note: The Luxury Exercise Mats will be shipped separately from all other items at a cost of £9.75 due to their weight.


The first step before returning any product is to contact us at info@7minutemornings.com with your reason and please supply a photo of the issue (misprinted/damaged/defective)

Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 2 weeks after the product has been received. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 2 weeks after the estimated delivery date. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.

If you notice an issue on the products or anything else on the order, please contact us at info@7minutemornings.com 

All sent products are marked with the return address for your convenience. 

Wrong Address - If you provide an address that is considered insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be returned to our facility. You will be liable for reshipment costs once we have confirmed an updated address with you (if and as applicable).

Unclaimed - Shipments that go unclaimed are returned to our facility and you will be liable for the cost of a reshipment to yourself  (if and as applicable).

Notification for EU consumers: According to Article 16(c) and (e) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, the right of withdrawal may not be provided for:

  1. the supply of goods that are made to the consumer's specifications or are clearly personalised;
    2. sealed goods which were unsealed after delivery and thus aren't suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons,

therefore 7 Minute Mornings reserves rights to refuse returns at its sole discretion.

This Policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.