7 Minute HIIT Workout (Christmas Fitness)

The Christmas holiday period is typically extremely busy and stressful and can also be extremely indulgent. In short, health and fitness is not generally found at the top of Santa's naughty or nice list, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If your fitness takes a back seat at this time of year, this quick and effective 7 Minute Workout could be just the thing you need.  To enjoy the Christmas celebrations and maintain a healthy focus, simply find just 7 minutes each morning to fit in this simple routine below.

So, everyone knows a morning person, don’t they? Someone who strides into the office, even after Christmas, with a massive smile on their face, when everybody else wants to simply drink their coffee and stare at there computer screens for the first 2 hours, avoiding all social interaction. That’s the deal, right!?

What would it be like if you were that smug, joyous and bouncy person each morning throughout December, January and beyond?  That would be pretty sweet, wouldn’t it? Well, here’s your chance. I’m going to give you a 7 minute workout that is going to set you up for success and turn you into that ‘morning person’ every day - even over the festive period!

These are my favourite Morning Exercises to maximise the release of Dopamine and Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF - a protein that makes your brain more intelligent) as well as get your heart rate pumping and metabolism burning to burn off those extra Christmas calories. Trust me, try these exercises and you will FEEL the difference; both mentally and physically.  And if you're like me and plan on eating your entire body weight this Christmas in Turkey and Yorkshire puds, then you'll be particularly glad come January that you have already started your fitness journey. 


Workout Rules:

  • Complete exercises 1-6 for 60 seconds each, and exercise 7 & 8 for 30 seconds each
  • Push yourself - For each exercise you should try as hard as you can, push yourself, we need to reach at least 90% of your max heart rate
1. Jog-To-Sprint

How to: Start jogging at a gentle pace, picking up the pace every 10 seconds, reaching a sprint after 40 seconds, sprinting flat out on the spot for the last 20 seconds.

2. Woodchopper Lunge

How to: Starting standing upright with your arms extended out in front of you, clapped together, step forward into a lunge with your left leg and cross your arms, keeping them together, across your left knee moving them the full 90 degrees. When you’ve reached the downward phase of the lunge, step back up to the top whilst rotating the arms back to the centre, this time fully rotating clockwise another 90 degrees so your arms are facing 3 o’clock. Repeat this movement for 30 seconds before changing sides.

3. Mountain Climbers - Alternating Legs

How to: Starting in a press up position, take the right leg and step forwards placing your right foot just wider than your right hand, then replace this into the press up position. Repeat for the left leg. The faster you do this the better, if you’re feeling fit then you can jump the legs forwards and backwards, alternating sides.

Image Credit: © 2019 HIIT Academy 

4. Burpee Tuck Jump

How to: Starting in an upright standing position, bend your knees and place your hands on the floor in front of you, close to your toes, kick back your feet into a press up position, then thrust them forwards back into the second position before rising back up to the top and jumping off the floor, tucking your knees as high as you can up to your chest, then land back on the floor cushioning your fall by bending your knees. Repeat.

Copyright: Philip Haynes 2015

4 Jump Squats & 4 Squats

How to: Squat jump - Starting in an upright standing position, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, squat down a little and launch yourself off the floor reaching up to the sky, before landing back onto your feet and cushioning your landing with bending the knees. Squat - Starting in an upright standing position, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, bend the knees, keeping your head and torso upright, making sure your feet stay completely in contact with the floor. Only squat down as far as your can keep your back straight within a comfortable range.

Image credit: © pop sugar inc

6. Caterpillar Press-ups

How to: Starting in an upright standing position, bend your knees and reach your hands out onto the floor in front of you, alternating hands and crawling forwards whilst keeping your feet in the same position until you reach a press up position, then complete a press up, before pushing back, alternating hands until you reach the upright standing position. Repeat.

Image Credit: Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2019. 

7. Dead Bug Bent Knees

How to: Starting in a lying down position flat on the floor, with your hands extended behind your head, throw your arms forwards and using momentum bring your upper body off the floor to about 45 degrees, whilst bending your knees and crunching them into your chest, your arms reaching high into the sky. Slowly ease your lower back down to the floor then your upper back, whilst extending your legs for the downward motion until you reach the starting position. Repeat.

8. Starfish Plank

How to: Get yourself into a side plan position, place one foot on the floor with the laces in contact with the floor and your forearm of the same side on the floor, so that those are the two points of contact with the floor and your body is supported vertically from here. Now, raise the other arm, which starts by resting by your side, raise it up into the sky, keeping it in line with your body - at the same time, raise the leg which starts resting on your supported leg, raise it at the same time as your arm as high as you can. Slowly reverse the movement. Repeat, then change sides.


So, good luck with your fitness this Christmas and if you have any questions about the exercises, email me at info@7minutemornings.com.



Healthy Regards,

Stephen Thompson - 7 Minute Mornings

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